This was my unforgettable day.

My friend and I were join a camp that organised by Taylor University called OIC Camp 2013.This camp was open to all Form 5 and 6 to enter.


This activity were many workshop to choose and we choose the fashion workshop.We enjoy in this workshop and had learn new things.

Although there were many games to play in this camp, but the most unforgettable memory was the millionaire in action.

This game was grouped by the ten person and three of them must covered the black cloth as a ‘blind people’.

And………. I am one of the ‘ blind people ‘. Oh my god, this is my first time as the ‘ blind people’.

After my eyes was covered by the black cloth, I feel my surroundings was black.

I just hope not to fall down in this game. This game takes about 1 hour and my eyes could not see in this whole game.

The distance  for the game was long. Fortunately, my friend help and lend me for the game.My friend also ask me to caution when up or down from the stairs.


Thank you very much for my friend to lend me for the whole  game.  If not, I may...(do not know what to happen)

This camp not only gave me a new experience besides promoted the relationship with my friend and I knew what is the true friend in difficult. 


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