This is a short animation done be Canaan M. Audio done be Phanin S. It’s a simple animation about life and how we can build up everything, but in the end it …     Advertisements


Thank you my dear friend. I am glad to know you because you help me to learn many things. Thanks of your present that you choose for me and I like it very much.  This  is my happiest year  althought we will gruate our school life  soon. But I still believe we have the fun in this […]


It is true? I cannot believe what have I heart. Am I hearing wrong? I tell myself it was not happen  but it was happen now I could not believe what my friend talking about I was shock when my friend told the secret to me Especially say about the person things I really… (do […]


Yetersday, I enjoy the day in school. Why? Because the school invited MC Lee who give talk in many school  He teach many easy steps for dance and I enjoy it very much. He also teach Gwiyomoni which the most popular in Korean. He choose six students to demonstrate Gwiyomi ( three girls and three […]


Best Friend Poem I still remember the first day we met We were too shy to say much at all It’s funny to think back to that time Because now we’re having a ball! They say that true friendship is rare An adage that I believe to be true Genuine friendship is something that I […]


Real friends stick together when times are tough, They’re always there with a shoulder to lean on, Friend will keep you warm, Give you a boost, Be there when you’re feeling down, And be your eyes when you can’t see. True friends are forever. Poems on Friendship Friendship is the bread of life. It is […]


Qing Ming Festivel is an an event for Chinese people. What is Qing Ming?   QingMing or called  Tomb Sweeping Day is a Chinese festival during which Chinese people to sweep and clean the tombs of their ancestors. Besides Tomb Sweeping Day, some countries call this festival as Qingming Festival, Ancestors Day, Pure Brightness Festival, […]